AL MANAR INTERNATIONAL L.L.C. was established in 2002, specializing in shotcreting, marina, rock stabilization and civil construction.

Our company efficiently provides a broad spectrum of services with a high level of in-house expertise to a variety of Clientele.

The following services and activities professionally provide our clients with complete specialist contracting solutions:


1. SHOTCRETE APPLICATION- simulated rock; contiguous piles; panels; rock slope stabilization; shoring for excavation; strengthening existing weak structures; anchoring; etc.


2. GEOTECHNICAL WORKS - piling; sheet piling; grouting; wire netting; rockbolt installation; rock stabilization, etc.


3. CIVIL CONSTRUCTION - building construction, seawall, marine construction, restoration, improvement and beautification, and concrete repairing. Extensive precast units are used in these works. High strength concrete is used in the fabrication of precast blocks.